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Similac Gain Plus Intelli Pro 1 to 3 Years (900 gm)

Similac Gain Plus Intelli Pro 1 to 3 Years (900 gm)

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The Similac line of products is formulated to meet the changing nutritional needs as the child grows. Similac 3 is a growing up milk formula. It is great tasting and scietifically designed to fit your child's growth needs during this important stage of development. Designed to fit the nutritional needs of babies 1-3 years old.

Product Features:

  • Contains Eye-Q ingredients, a distinguished combination of nutrients including AA, DHA, omega 3&6, taurine, choline and iron
  • Only Similac contains Intelli-Pro. Intelli-Pro is distinguished combination of the important nutrients DHA and Lutien
  • Scientifically developed to provide 3-way support to the immune system with: Prebiotics: functional fiber food, Probiotics: culture of good bacteria, Nucleotides: a group of important organic molecules
  • Now with more protien and less fat to fit nutritional needs of your child
  • Fortified with extra calcium and a unique vegetable fat blend without palm olien oil.
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