Bavaria Non Alcoholic Strawberry Bottle ( 24 x 330 ML)

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  • Bavaria Premium Malt non-alcoholic beer - 100% of the taste, 0% of the alcohol.
  • Most alcohol-free beers still contain up to 0.5% alcohol-by-volume, but Bavaria is different. It's specially brewed to contain no alcohol and is a genuine 0.00% beer.
  • Only the purest mineral water, barley malt, wheat, and hops.
  • Only 25 Kcal per 100ml. You can drink Bavaria non-alcoholic beer without worrying about growing a beer belly.
  • 5.8g of carbohydrates (of which sugars 3.1g), 0.2g protein, 0.002g of sodium, and 0g fat per 100ml.
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