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Palmolive Brillant Color Shampoo (2 x 350 ml) - Sanadeeg

Palmolive Vibrant Color Shampoo (2 x 400 ml)

2 x 350 ml

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About Product

Palmolive Brilliant Colour shampoo contains UV Filter and extracts of 100% natural origin of Pomegranate, Pearl and Almond. The caring formula helps to protect and nourish your hair keeping its brilliant colour shine.

Pomegranate:The pomegranate tree is native to the Himalayas in Northern India and has been cultivated since ancient times throughout the whole Mediterranean region. The word “pomegranate” is derived from the Middle French pome garnete and literally means “seeded apple”.

Almond:  Pearl: Ancient Asian cultures used pearls in remedial ways. In India, pearls were believed to give peace of mind and strength of body and soul. Traditionally, Europeans believed that the powder of the pearl helped cure matters of the mind and heart.

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