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Packing Clear Tape 48Mm Pvc (1 X 72 Pcs) - Sanadeeg

Packing Clear Tape 48Mm Pvc (1 X 72 Pcs)

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This highly-adhesive and supple, wide industrial tape is indispensable in your warehouse, post room or shop.

For professional use
Acrylic High-Tack tape is known for its high adhesion to all manner of surfaces. These handy 66 metre long rolls of polypropylene box closure tape are ideal for professional use.

Secure closing
Use the PP tape for packing boxes, packages and other materials. Thanks to the extra-thick layer of glue the sturdy tape adheres well and closes your packages securely and for a long time.

Use with a tape dispenser
These rolls of packaging tape are ideal for use with manual tape dispensers and box closing equipment and are quiet when the tape is being unrolled. Acrylic is also an environmentally-responsible, water-based type of glue.
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