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ORO 2 in 1 Toilet Freshener Rim Block Assorted (2+1 x 3 x 45 gm) - Sanadeeg

ORO 2 in 1 Toilet Freshener Rim Block Assorted (2+1 x 3 x 45 gm)

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About Product

An assortment of the best 3 fragrances of ORO Toilet Freshener Rim Blocks at a special 33% discount.

2 in1 – cleaning and fragrance. The frisch-aktiv WC-Flower Block provides hygienic cleanliness and pleasant scent for weeks. It is surrounded by water-soluble foil, which dissolves quick and without any residues. The practical side opening of the block holder allows a quick and easy refill. Like this, it is no longer necessary to take the block holder out of the toilet for refill.


Hang the frisch-aktiv WC-Flower Blocks in such a way into the toilet bowl that they are flushed with plenty of water. The foil around the block is water soluble. The full scent performance of the flower block will come out soon after the foil is completely washed up.

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