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Glad Storage & Freezer Bags Bundle (20 + 25 Bundle) - Sanadeeg

Glad Storage & Freezer Bags Bundle (20 + 25 Bundle)

20 + 25 Bundle

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About Product

Storage Zipper Bags
Let’s just say Glad® Snack Bags are aptly named. Perfect protection for a variety of snacks, just fill it, zip it, and toss it in a purse, book bag, the fridge or pantry and you’re ready to go!

Freezer Zipper Bags
The freezer can be an unforgiving place. Trust a Glad® Zipper Freezer Bag to help keep food fresh. It’s strong and sturdy, and unlike some other bags, its thick plastic and tight seal helps protect the food you love against freezer burn. The Yellow and Blue Make Green® Seal lets you know when the bag is closed, and the convenient write-on strip helps you know exactly what it is and when you put it in the freezer.
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