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Glad Cling Wrap Super Large Pack (1500 Square Ft) - Sanadeeg

Glad Cling Wrap Super Large Pack (1500 Square Ft)

1500 Square Ft

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About Product

Glad cling film is for catering, supermarket, wholesale, meat film distributor, fruit film, resorts distributor,hotel, restaurant,food process factory, bakery , frozen food packing,mushrooms packing.

  • Clear Plastic Wrap
  • Keeps food Fresh
  • Gloss and clarity: Glad Cling Wrapwrap’s excellent gloss and clarity increase the cleanness of the product.
  • Freshness: Glad Cling Wrapwrap’s high transmission rate of O2 and CO2 and excellent moisture retention keep the food stay fresh.
  • Anti-fog: Generally, the market’s film are apt to be hazy and gather the tiny water drops for moist food wrapping. However, the anti-fog of Glad Cling Wrapwrap can break up the water drops automatically to maintain its good clarity as well as the food’s freshness.
  • Cold resistance: Glad Cling Wrapwrap’s excellent cold resistance remains the softness even under freezing.
  • Wrapping applicability: Due to its adequate softness, stickiness and elongation, Glad Cling Wrapwrap can be well stretched over the food tightly without the trouble of sticking up and bad wrapping.
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