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Gillette Fusion Power Cartridge (2 x 4 pack) - Sanadeeg

Gillette Fusion Power Cartridge (2 x 4 pack)

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About Product

  • It has more blades for closeness and multiple “Hysteresis” effect.
  • Smaller space between blades ensures comfort, higher hair cutting probability and improved rinsing.
  • It also has precision trimmer on the back of the cartridge and improved front pivot
  • 5 Blade Shaving Surface Technology
  • Enhanced Indicator Lubrastrip
  • Flexible Comfort Guard
  • Power Glide Blades
  • Use for shaving.
  • Make sure to hydrate hair in warm water for up to three minutes and apply plenty of shave gel.
  • Also, be sure to change the blade at the first sign of dullness or discomfort.

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