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Familia Swiss Choco Bits (2 x 375 Gm) - Sanadeeg

Familia Swiss Choco Bits (2 x 375 Gm)

2 X 375 Gm

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About Product

Let yourself and your family indulge in this wholegrain treat.They contain lots of vitamins and folic acid for healthy living, and are perfect with milk or as a snack on their own.

familia Swiss Choco Bits Chocolate  
familia Swiss Choco Bits are crispy cereal bites full of nutty, melt-in-the-mouth Swiss milk chocolate.

Nutrition facts about Swiss Choco Bits Chocolate:

Energy (kJ / kcal) Protein (g) Carbohydrates (g) Total sugars (g) Fat (g)
1880 / 450 7.0 68.0 39.0 15.0
Saturated fatty acids (g) Fibre (g) Sodium (g) Share of Wholemeal  
8.0 5.0 0.21  

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