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Fairy Dish Washing Liquid Lemon (1.5 L) - Sanadeeg

Fairy Dish Washing Liquid Lemon (1.5 L)

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About Product

Fairy Lemon dishwashing liquid fights grease up to three times faster than conventional liquids.The Fairy Lemon Lime Dishwashing Liquid Soap provides triple action against tough grease. It is designed to clean baked-on grease and extra deep dirt.

It cuts through grease up to three times faster than conventional liquids, leaving your dishes shiny with each wash. This liquid soap contains a special stain-removing formula that offers the power of overnight soak in about 10 minutes. With the ultra-long-lasting suds, this soap penetrates and weakens greasy residues to offer excellent cleaning in less than no time. The Fairy liquid is ideal for washing dishes quickly and efficiently.

This Fairy dishwashing liquid delivers a three times action against tough grease. As a result, it ensures in fast cleaning. Tough grease is never a problem when you use this liquid. It provides a shiny clean with minimum effort.

This dishwashing liquid has long lasting suds and soaking acting that cleans more utensils in few drops. The grease-cutting power makes this liquid perfect for stubborn grease and tough food cleaning. The aroma of this liquid will not cause any irritation while cleaning won't feel like a job anymore.

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