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Christmas Appeal Bundle - Sanadeeg

Christmas Appeal Bundle

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(ONLY ONLINE PAYMENT ACCEPTED) (NO DISCOUNT CODE WILL BE ACCEPTED ON THE BUNDLE) Christmas Appeal Bundle Donation to be handed to Bubs Felix and delivered to her specified address for 2021 Christmas Appeal. Each box contains:

10 kg Basmati Rice

1 Jar of Jam (large size) 

2 kg Green Lentils 

2 kg Red Lentils

3 Tins of Canned Kidney Beans

3 Tins of Canned Chickpeas

3 Tins of Canned Mixed Vegetables

3 Tins of Canned Fruit Cocktail

2 KG of Sugar

5 PCS Indomie Noodles

3 Tins Rainbow Evaporated Milk

1 Pack Glucose Biscuit

1 Piece Toothpaste 

2 Toothbrushes 

2 Soap Bars

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