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Why should you buy Groceries in Bulk?

Shopping stock-up grocery items in bulk saves you both time and money:

  • It saves you time by making your trips to the supermarket less frequent, or at least makes you spend less time in the supermarket in each visit!
  • It saves you money because there are inherent savings in buying in bulk and because we built our operational model completely based on a cost-effective bulk grocery. This includes more focused product line, stronger relations with product manufacturers, and more streamlined packaging and delivery operations.

So as long as you know that you use a certain item frequently and that it has a long life and will not spoil, then why not buy it in bulk and save!

Why should you buy from Sanadeeg?

Equally important is the convenience that you get by buying your heavier grocery shopping items online and having them delivered to your home without worrying about pushing them around in a cart or carrying them up to your apartment!

So we are happy to give your weekend back to you to enjoy, and let us worry about the heavy lifting and doing the grocery chores for you. Life is too short to be spent in a checkout queue!

Where do Sanadeeg deliver

Sanadeeg delivers to the cities of Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai and Sharjah.

How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Sanadeeg official delivery policy and commitment is within 2 business days of order successful checkout confirmation. Once an order is received you will receive an order confirmation email to confirm that we have received your order. By the next working day our delivery team will be in touch with you via SMS or email to schedule the delivery timing.Our delivery timing is normally between 9 AM and 8 PM depending on area and customer preference, we do try to accommodate customers' delivery preferences as much as possible. Please refer to our Delivery Policy for more details.

All orders are packed and shipped from our warehouse in Dubai in clean and tidy boxes to your door, easy to stock and unpack without the waste of plastic (or at least keeping it to the minimum!).

Is there a minimum order value?

We do not have a minimum order value, but we have a minimum order value for free delivery. So your order can be of any value but delivery charges will apply if it is less than your city minimum order for free delivery limit.

What are our delivery charges?

Our delivery charges as documented in our delivery policy are as follows:

City Delivery Charges Free for Orders Over*
Dubai 10 Dirhams 250 Dirhams
Abu Dhabi, Ajman and Sharjah 20 Dirhams 350 Dirhams


What payment methods do we accept?

Sanadeeg provides the prices of all its product in UAE Dirhams only and accepts payments in the UAE Dirhams only.

Sanadeeg accepts online payments for all orders using MasterCard and Visa credit cards.

Sanadeeg also accepts Cash on Delivery payments. Our Delivery Team will call and confirm delivery and availability of cash prior to delivery and expects that the full cash payment will be available on delivery. It is preferred to inform our delivery team if change is required at the time of delivery confirmation, our delivery staff are not obligated to carry exact change at the time of delivery. We reserve our right to deny service and cancel orders on Cash on Delivery basis for any customer with one or several prior cash availability issues or denial of delivery incidents.

How to use the Shopping List?

Shopping list is a new optional feature available for customers who likes to organize their shopping habits better and have easy and fast access to their most frequent items. You can add any item to the shopping list at any time, and then you can share the shopping basket with your partner to review it or purchase it, or you can just access it next time to find all your favorite items in one place without worrying about searching for them over and over.

  • - To add a product to your shopping list: simply click on the “Add to List” button from any page.
  • - To access your shopping list simply go to the Shopping List page in the top right corner of our store header
  • - You can purchase any item from the shopping list directly by clicking the Buy button next to it. Buying a product from the shopping list does not remove it from the shopping list.
  • - To remove a product from your shopping list simply click the Remove link in the shopping list page

Please note that having a product in the shopping list is NOT in anyway a confirmation of buying the product, you may have a product in your shopping list and Never purchase it. The only way to purchase a product is by clicking “Buy” and checking out.

How should you read the savings indicator in the product page?

You must have noticed our savings percentage indicator or what we call Sanadeeg's Savings EYE. Our Savings EYE is a valuable tool for you to keep your 'eye' on the best deals andunderstand the value of buying our products in bulk.

The Savings EYE indicator provides several valuable information as illustrated below:

  • 1. The Retail Unit represents the comparable Retail Unit that is available as either standard retail unit in grocery stores or the minimum format that the product is available in. It is important because it allows you to compare “apple to apple” our bulk quantity to the retail quantity, for example how much you save by buying 24 bottles of water instead of 1 bottle of water. As our products are of different so are the units, you will find units of weight (kilogram, gram), volume (liter, milliliter) or just simply units of 'each'.
  • 2. The Retail Unit Price is the average retail price that is found in the market for the retail unit. To determine the retail unit price, our business intelligence team compares the retail unit prices among a number of grocery retailers that are operating in the UAE market. We also take into consideration the retail unit price in online grocery stores in the UAE.
  • 3. Sanadeeg Comparable Unit Price: Sanadeeg comparable unit price is calculated based on Sanadeeg's price divided by the ratio of the units. For example, if Sanadeeg retail price for 6 bottles of water is 9 dirhams then Sanadeeg Comparable Unit Price would be 1.5 Dirhams, and so on.
  • 4. Percentage indicator: the percentage of difference between the retail unit price and Sanadeeg comparable unit price.

What does your Lifetime Savings indicator mean?

Sanadeeg makes it its mission to encourage customers to save money by buying in bulk, and that's why we combine the savings that you gain in each order as the Savings per Order which you can view in the order history section of your account. Moreover, we continuously track your savings in Sanadeeg store and show them to you as Lifetime Savings indicator when you log in; to help you continuously appreciate the value you gained by shopping Sanadeeg!

How do you cancel or change an order?

Please refer to our Return and Cancellation Policy for full details

What to do with the box after delivery?

One of the best things about Sanadeeg delivery boxes is that they are made from recycled material and that they are also recyclable. So if you decided not to use Sanadeeg delivery box for storage or keep it for your next move, then you can easily give it back to our delivery guy in your next delivery or simply recycle it in any of the recycling bins if one is available near you.


Looking for more details?

Refer to Our Programs section for full details on Sanadeeg special programs and rewards.

Refer to our Terms & Conditions for more details about Sanadeeg obligations, terms and conditions.

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