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DAC Super Disinfection Lavender and Rose Multi-Purpose Cleaner (3 + 1 L) - Sanadeeg

DAC Super Disinfection Lavender Multi-Purpose Cleaner (3 + 1 L)

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About Product

DAC disinfectant scrubs away tough grime and stain in no time. This disinfectant liquid leaves a fabulous lavender smell.

The DAC Lavender Super Disinfection is your go-to solution for all your cleaning purposes. It removes stains efficiently and works wonderfully on hard, nonporous surfaces. This multipurpose cleaner is formulated with Opa-Tec molecules and a powerful opacification formula that eliminates germs and provides complete protection for up to 24 hours. This disinfectant liquid not only cleans and disinfects your house but also gives off a pleasant lavender fragrance that fills up the ambiance with refreshment. All the more, it can clean a variety of stains on various surfaces. This DAC disinfectant arrives in a portable 3L bottle, which makes it easy to be stored.

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