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RS Spanish Pomace Oil blended with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (4 L) - Sanadeeg

RS Spanish Pomace Oil blended with Extra Virgin Olive Oil (4 L)

4 L

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About Product

Rafael Salgado (RS) is a Spanish olive oil brand of the highest quality. Rafael Salgado "RS" is made mostly from Cornicabras and Manzanillas from Andalusia. Gold and light-bodied, it has a fresh, grassy taste -- ideal for a salad with a little sherry vinegar.

  • Rafael Salgado extra virgin is the most easily-digested type of oil and it has little effect on the stomach and favors digestion. Quickly creates a feeling of fullness.
  • Stimulates pancreatic secretions. It is an important anti-oxidant due to the presence of polyphenols and vitamin E.
  • Contains essential fatty acids (linoleic acid) which our bodies do not produce but must extract from vegetables. In order to be absorbed by our bodies, these acids require the help of vitamin E and this is also found in olive oil.
  • Consumption of monounsaturated fatty acids reduces cholesterol. Helps with constipation because taking it on an empty stomach aids the function of the colon.

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