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Vanish Gold Pink Multi Purpose Cleaning Liquid (2 x 1.8 L)

Vanish Gold Pink Multi Purpose Cleaning Liquid (2 x 1.8 L)

2 x 1.8L

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About Product

Vanish, without chlorine bleach, removes even tough dried-in stains. Ensuring that you are left with stain free laundry 1st time every time! You're probably wondering how to remove stains from items of clothing and restore them back to normal? Vanish Liquid can help by removing all types of stains, from the ones you can clearly see, including tough stains, to the smaller stains that might be missed before a wash. Vanish Liquid is safe to use on both colored and white clothes. Add this stain removal liquid to all your washes! Removing stains from your clothes and other fabrics is easier than you think with Vanish Liquid.


  • How to remove stains with Vanish Gold Liquid
  • Washing Machine:
  • Add 100 ml of Vanish Liquid to your normal detergent and wash as usual.
  • Pre-treatment:
  • Apply Vanish Gold Liquid Stain Remover directly to the stain and rub in gently
  • Do not allow Vanish Liquid to dry on the fabric. Wash immediately with your usual detergent. Always rinse garment thoroughly before drying
  • Soaking:
  • For tough and dried stains
  • Add 10ml of Vanish Gold Liquid to every litre of water 40°C max. Leave the item for 1 hour maximum colored clothes only. After soaking wash as usual or rinse thoroughly
  • Always follow the usage instructions on the Vanish packaging. Do not use on garments requiring dry cleaning. Do not pour the product on any metallic parts of the garments e.g buttons, zips
  • Stain Removal Tips:
  • Our top stain removal tip is treat the stain as soon as you can, do not let the stain dry

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