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Fairy All in One Dishwasher Tabs (48 Pcs) - Sanadeeg

Fairy All in One Dishwasher Tabs (48 Pcs)

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About Product

Fairy Auto Dish capsules cut through the toughest grease instantly. The Fairy Auto Dish Wash, All In One, gives you dirt-free, spotless dishes. These capsule soaps make the cleaning task easy and effortless.

These Fairy dish wash capsules cut through the toughest grease instantly, leaving your dishes sparkling clean every time. From steel to crockery, these effective capsules can quickly wipe the grunge away to make your daily dishwashing easy. The lemon aroma gives your dishes a fresh feel. Available in a pack of 48 capsules, the Fairy dish wash capsules leave a fresh smell that pleases you.

The Fairy dishwashing capsules have an outstanding stain-removing and grease cutting power. They keep your dishes sparkling clean and are effective for almost all types of greases. Furthermore, these washing capsules leave a pleasant scent around the sink.

The Fairy washing capsules have a concentrated formula that provides an excellent cleaning performance. It offers glass protection, salt action, metal shine and rinses aide action for sparkling cutlery, and stainless steel items.

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