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Arla Organic Chocolate Milk (12 x 200ML)

Arla Organic Chocolate Milk (12 x 200ML)

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Arla 100% Pure Organic Milk is produced with the highest European quality standards. There is NO use of artificial growth hormones on the cows, and NO use of chemicals on the cow's grass. Arla Organic only feeds the cows the finest natural ingredients and give them space to roam on lush green farms, because we all know that when the cows are happy, they produce better milk!


• 100% pure natural milk from cows that feed on organic grass and clover
• No artificial flavours, colours, additives or preservatives
• Delicious chocolate flavour from organic cocoa! Refreshing, creamy and smooth!
• A perfect format for the kids - drink it at home, bring it on-the-go or pack it in a lunchbox for a daily portion of goodness!


Organic fresh cow's milk (fat 1.5%), organic cane sugar (5.4%), organic cocoa powder, natural flavouring, stabilizers (E407, E418), vitamin A, vitamin D.




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