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Al Safi Long Life Low Fat Cream 100% Cow's Milk (12 x 1L)

Al Safi Long Life Low Fat Cream 100% Cow's Milk (12 x 1L)

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Al Safi milk is perfect for the sound health of you and your family. This full-fat milk is available in a pack of 12, 1L packets. The Al Safi Long Life Full Fat 100% Cow's Milk is made from fresh milk, no powder is used in the process.  It is a rich source of protein and calcium that strengthen your bones, muscles, and teeth. It also contains vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy body. This full-fat milk has a thick texture, which makes it ideal to be used as a substitute for cream while making various confectionery items. You can prepare yummy chocolate drinks for your little munchkins so that they feel fuller and stay healthy. Drinking this Al Safi milk can improve your immune system.


We underestimate the goodness of cow’s milk as it is readily available around the world. It is enriched with various essential nutrients that promote healthy body, hair, and skin. You can make delicious milkshakes, mocktails, and many more beverages with this pure milk. From toddlers to old people, consuming cow’s milk has been proved to be extremely beneficial.


This Al Safi milk contains protein and calcium. Protein helps in muscle development, maintaining the growth of the body, and providing energy and nutrition to the bones. Whereas, calcium makes teeth and bones strong and healthy. This cow’s milk also contains various vitamins and minerals, which makes it an overall boon for your good health.

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